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The group rushed to the lighthouse and saved Fanu from the monsters. Coincidentally, Runa found Luxferre fainted somewhere not far away in the cave. When they save her, they find out she is not Frey but the Shaman, Celine. From the rock, you will get mostly Thorium which sells for ea. Apparently, Laciel was the Captain of Guards.

Just when Luxferre was about to fight Chael, Patriarch puts him to sleep and let the group leave for Paramanon Temple. Runa happens to know the whereabouts of reaction stone required for the activation of ancient weapon, so they went to find it. The equipment that you get is a level or so above you which will give you something to work towards.

Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story

On their way to the canyon, Chael accidentally fell into a trap set up by the Degenerated Tribe. After defeating both of them, Plopin told Chael the shaman was inside the room on the right. Soon, Temir breathes his last breath by finally getting to know Chael's name. So, Chael left his necklace to Seru asking him to pass onto Celine before he leaves.

Charles continues his journey until he was greeted by two devil general, Plopin and Pluto. In order to get informations, Chael did some errands for Abyron. He too, couldn't let Chael face Antione alone and went to find him. After finishing his words, Antione appears with Regret's body taken over by him.

He and Frey were waiting for Chael and Runa to come back. Even so, he offers his advice to Chael on how to break into the Nifel Castle. He asks Chael to search out for the cries which Chael initially refuses, but Runa's condition makes him think twice. At the same time, in a secret room, Celine was knocked out by Pontifex Temir.

To clarify the situation, Negir was ordered to investigate the matter. As it was his late mother's belonging, the group started to search for the lost necklace and found that it's with a Maru Tribe, Rherican.

He proposed a strategy to divert the Devil Tribe's force so that they can cross the bridge. Suddenly, a magic circle appears wrap him and Runa into an unknown place. Few months later, Chael sneak out early in the morning and skip his daily training to get a birthday present for Frey with his fairy companion, Runa. It was then that Pontifex Temir realise he was tricked by Tariq.

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Chael was desperated to save his father, but slaying Antione couldn't get Regret back. When they wake up, Chael realise that he's in an ancient temple full of Unique Monsters. Gwyjar show Chael the way to escape prison, but Chael must escort him in return. He told Chael Celine was on the other side instead.

You can help Zenonia Wiki by expanding it. Chael, the adopted son of the first Zenonia game's protagonist Regret, tries to find his way home after being transported against his will into another dimension, called Midgard, or the middle realm. New to the Zenonia series, app party the Execution Room is a Colosseum-style tournament against in-game monsters.

Then, Temir believes Luxferre and decided to send Chael and Runa to the Degenerated Campsite without further questions. In denial of what Pontifex done, he labels Chael as the bad guy and battled him, but gets defeated in the end. Nevertheless, Chael went to Kanak Canyon in search for Celine's trail. Feeling furious, Chael and Runa went back to Delfoy temple and question Luxferre. After defeating Tariq, the floor began to fall apart.

Those who fell were trapped in Midgard as they couldn't find a way to return. The spirit stone shone its light, healing Chael's wounds inflicted by Tariq. And so, Regret ended up by adopting him as his own son. Subsequently, Chael took the stone to Lewiel's house for inquiries, but she isn't there. Chael found both Regret and Tariq inside the dungeon.

Celine appears from upstairs and stopped their arguments, telling them to keep their voices down inside the temple. At the campsite, Chael met Gwyjar, a fellow Degenerated Tribe, who was also thrown to prison by Temir. Therefore, they head to the source of the water and found out that the King of Unique Monsters was the cause of the strange phenomenon. Chael can choose one of four available classes.

Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story

After all the ruckus, Fanu told Chael that fairies are special creatures that only appears during crisis and there's a inscription about fairies on tombstone near the lighthouse. Temir took Chael's necklace the memorial necklace and reveals the truth.

Right there, Chael was introduced to a mural that illustrates the history of Holy War. Just when Chael is ready to fight Tariq, Negir destroyed Tariq's regenerative machine. Then, Regret regained himself and talked with Temir. When Chael and Runa to reached the deepest part of the cave, an Unique Monster, Kazrogal appears with a blue stone on his forehead.

Then, Chael search for an alternative route and found the Devil Tribe's campsite. The Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman use ranged weapons in combat. Having no one to help them and nowhere to go, Chael helped Yiralia to find cooking salts and got informed by her that Celine was looking for him.

Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story

After finishing the task, Kelf shows up saying that Gwyjar has returned. Then, once again, Luxferre appears to halt Chael. There is no penalty for death in the Execution Room, you just get sent to the very first room and you have to clear it all over again.

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He told Chael that Degenerated Tribe and Divine Tribe used to live together without discrimination, but everything changed after Temir became Pontifex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Seeing Luxferre has already lost himself, Chael kills Luxferre. However, that place was full of Unique Monsters which weren't there before. They arrive at the town of Delfoy where they are thrusted head first into the battle between the Devil, Divine, and Degenerated Tribes. Runa and Chael stumble across a mysterious person being taken away by Unique Monsters as they try to find a way out. Midway inside the cave, a mist blocked the pathway.

You will die a lot, but don't use any origins of life unless you have lots of them or a lot of Zen on hand. After everything has over, Regret had his last moments with Chael before disappeared into thin air. The rock should be there again. This wont take long if you are adamant.