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Lily Luong is social media manager at new job. Nicole Vicius, dancing on rollerskates. Mad Men's John Slattery driving on long bridge. Mad Men's John Slattery shows off new luxury features on car. Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Anytime you have a commercial which instantly makes you want to dance and groove to it when you hear it, you have a hit on your hands. Charmin, Windex, Pampers, Scope, Zest. Robots put together car, drives thru Redwoods.

Chances are that you may have seen the commercial but really only remember the song. It is that funny and the song is just one of the all time classics.

However, the distinct version of the tune sung by Lo-Fang is part of what made it such a great ad. Natalia Costa models sweater. Coke driver wins free Pepsi for life, Regis Philbin. Jason Statham everywehere. Malificent, Brave, Donald Duck.

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What makes these commercials different is because they are combined with some really great songs in them. Ram Trucks pulling big floats in Christmas parade. Rachelle Wood tries on sassy jeans.

She Sells Sanctuary Good Feeling. Santa as a high energy motivational speaker shows off Gear to an auditorium of elves.

Black woman runs up stairs as shoes change. Pepper before going on stage with midget Kiss band. Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

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Bobby Cannavale makes speech to babies in cribs. Commercials are seen as an interruption or a chance to get up and get a snack.

Simone Biles prepares for Olympics. Colorful pics with awesome camera around the world. Pepsi and Coke drivers meet at diner. Apollo Anton Ohno practicing speed skating. The song alone is reason enough to watch this commercial.

Avett Brothers play and sing their song wearing clothes from The Gap. The viewers get so caught up in the tune from the ad they totally forget they are watching a commercial. In the ad, they are all seen jumping and jammin to the song as they wear their diapers. Classical Instrumental Hide Guitar Instrumental. Stevie Wonder and Andra Day use Apple computer to record holiday song with family and friends.

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Taylor Swift on treadmill. New England Patriots, Boston. Pepsi driver videos him for YouTube. Somehting's Happened To Me.

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This is one ad which viewers will really forget about the product and just go on to enjoy it the show. Whenever you combined a bunch of cute babies and a catchy song, swf to 3gp converter then chances are the advert will be a huge success. Cadillac drives through colorful parade route. The ad at the time it was aired made some headlines based on the fact that the actor actually stripped down to his underwear.

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Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that having a commercial with a fantastic, catchy and cool song works really well. Lori and Curtis talk about meeting on Christian Mingle. This is even more so whenever they are watching one of their favorite shows or a great movie.

Drake in recording studio gets his mojo after drinking Sprite. Paradise Circus Gui Boratti Remix. Perfect Timing This Morning.

Disney characters walking towards screen. Dennis Hopper in a field of sunflowers. African American couple growing up with their Samsung phones. Proof that the commercial is was a huge hit for Evian Water can be seen in the many searches for it and hits on YouTube. African-American guy walks thru tons of scenes with his phone.

Kate Moss in black leather riding a motorcycle. That was done in order for him to be able to wash his Levi jeans of course.

This is exactly what the diaper company called Honest Diapers did. Eddy Current Spression Ring. That's exactly why companies regularly turn to these classic favorites. Funny How Time Slips Away.

Promo for original Amazon series Good Omens. This list is useful for you to add forgotten favorites to your playlist, from cars to sodas and everything in between. We're All In This Together.

LeBron James practices indoors while listening to his new Beats earbuds. The song itself went on to become one of the most popular pop hits and videos of its time.

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