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One should be happy that God is reducing the debt by permitting payment now, thereby guaranteeing a tranquil future. It seems that, while it is possible to avoid problems, Man purposely creates torments for himself.

It is said that it is to acquire greater merit. When speaking of a bad person who has escaped some danger, it is customary to say that if he had been a good man he would have died.

Spiritualism and spiritism. The religious experience within spiritism is, therefore, largely informal.

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This is the pain conceived by those lacking in faith, who see death as an eternal separation! Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. There is no wrong or infraction of His Law, however small, which does not carry with it the inevitable consequence, which may be more or less deplorable.

University of Hawaii Press. Total incredulity, simply doubting as to the future or having materialistic ideas, are in fact the greatest of all incitements towards suicide because they cause moral cowardice.

It is useless to object that forgetfulness constitutes a barrier against the utilization of experience acquired in past lives. Always there is this restricted vision which prevents one from rising above that which is material. Believe me when I tell you to resist these tendencies with all your strength, as they only weaken your will-power. This then is the process which enables us to acquire moral courage. The same applies to suicide.

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Until his death, Kardec continued to address these issues in various books and in his periodical, the Revue Spirite. That is to say, through the words of the Spirits. It is in these things that you find your true hair shirt, whose wounds will be taken into account because they will testify to your courage and submission to God's Will.

Kardec's works do not establish any rituals or formal practices. How could they have received any recompense or punishment seeing that they had been unable to practice either good or bad? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Spiritism. It presents to us these actual suicides, who inform us of the unhappy situation in which they find themselves, so proving that no one violates God's laws with impunity.

Why do we find virtuous people suffering side by side with the wicked who prosper? Should anyone put an end to another's probation when they can, or should God's purpose be respected, so leaving things to take their own course?

Is the Earth a place of enjoyment and a paradise of delights? Are there any worse torments than those created by envy and jealousy?

So everything called unhappiness, according to the short-sightedness of human beings, ends with the body and receives its compensation in the future life. According to Kardec, the Spiritist moral principles are in agreement with those taught by Jesus. From this it follows that in small things, as in great matters, Man is always punished according to the manner in which he has sinned.


It is intended to demonstrate that Spiritism clarifies and extends the most important teachings of Jesus. He is born exactly the way he has made himself. Do we know to what extent they must reach?

The third part is a rough guide to the Gospels, pinocchio cartoon movie explaining the meaning of foreign concepts and new words only found there. The Gospel According to Spiritism.

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