Prison Break Season 2 Episode 1

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Michael and Linc arrive in Tooele, but the map they need to locate the double-K ranch is missing. And Mahone's curiosity is piqued by an article about D. The fugitives again split up as they scurry out of Tooele, but only one has the money. Picking up from where we left off, Sucre, Michael, Linc, and Aldo are together, with Mahone on their trail. Mahone catches up with Michael and Linc, but the border patrol arrives at the scene before he can shoot them.

Like the other two special episodes, il volo album it focuses on the beginning of its season. Governor Tancredi phones Sara with a warning.

Michael and Lincoln decide there's only one thing they can do, rescue L. At a Chicago hotel, president Caroline Reynolds is expected for a speech. And in Mexico, Sucre must hitchhike to his rendezvous with Maricruz at the Ixtapa airport after running out of gas. Meanwhile agent Mahone retrieves Michael's backpack with his passport from a vagrant that broke the rear window of Michael's car to steal the backpack.

List of episodes on American television series Prison Break. Redirected from List of Prison break episodes. Lists of American crime drama television series episodes Prison Break episodes. Awards and nominations Breakout Kings. The first special episode recaps the first seven episodes of the first season.

Meanwhile, Sara is still comatose in Chicago, and Veronica doesn't like what Steadman has to tell her in Montana. Captain Bellick tortures T-Bag for the money during which T-Bag swallows the key and Bellick uses dirty tricks to get the key out. And at a South Dakota campground, a guilt-wracked C-Note tries to ease Dede's fears and deflect her suspicions. While Michael makes his way to a rendezvous with the plane and, he hopes, Lincoln, Mahone remains in the factory where Michael left him, but not for long. In Chicago, Sara goes on trial, while Kellerman tends to unfinished business.

Mahone arrives in Salt Lake City, trying to locate exactly where in Utah the escapees are. Bellick and Mac leave T-Bag on the boundary of the police. Mahone enters Sarah's room and only pretends to fail looking under the bed to trap her, she pretends the brothers left her. In Birmingham, T-Bag visits a psychologist. Tweener continues his drive with Debra Jean.

In Tribune, Kansas, T-Bag narrowly escapes the police but has to leave his hand behind. Bellick and Geary phone C. Mahone is hot on their trail, and Linc is hot on Mahone's. And back in Chicago, C-Note begins to hold up his end of the bargain with Mahone, while Kellerman tends to personal business with the president.

Michael tries to retrieve an item from Blanding Botanical Garden in Utah, but Mahone's people got to it first. Pages using Timeline Articles with short description. It could exonerate Linc, but getting the information is only half the battle.

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25 Great 2000s Movies to Stream Right Now

In Kansas, Susan opens her door and finds T-Bag standing there. Meanwhile, Tweener and T-Bag do what's necessary to stay on the loose, and Pope and Bellick face the fallout from the escape. Kellerman tells that she has a key of a private cigar club in Chicago. Mahone waits for confirmation of the deaths of Michael and Linc in the car explosion, and meanwhile gets a lead on one of the other fugitives.

He singles out an employee of the post office named Denise and romances her. Meanwhile, Bellick and Geary keep the heat on T-Bag. With hospitals and clinics under surveillance, Michael brings Lincoln to Nika's home to heal his wounded leg. Michael and Linc hatch a plan with T-Bag and Tweener that will enable them to dig in the right place.

Back at Fox River, Bellick tries to adjust to life on the other side of the bars. Elsewhere on the run, T-Bag finds someone who might be able to give him a hand.

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Mahone zeroes in on Michael and Linc's car, which was towed to a Chicago lot, but Michael gets there first. Bellick tries to bribe Sucre's incarcerated cousin into betraying his Mexican whereabouts. Sarah meets Bruce Bennett.

In Mexico, Sucre is stranded in a small town on his way to reunite with Maricruz in Ixtapa, but a kindly widower takes him in. Sucre tries to contact Maricruz but that plan fails because of the state police doing rounds.

Haywire, in Wisconsin, steals supplies from a camping shop. Michael gets close to Mahone's helplessness. In Maljamar, New Mexico, Michael takes what he needs from a sporting-goods store, then has a crisis of conscience. Mahone deducts that they intend to meet President Caroline in Denver. And Captain Bellick and his partner have not given up on finding their old inmates.

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Trouble is, so do Kellerman and Mahone. Michael and Sara find each other in New Mexico, but Mahone finds them both. Patterson, at Fox River, to get information on where they should look for T-Bag.

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Prison Break Season 2 Episode 1

And Sara figures out what the numbers on the origami birds mean, learning where to meet Michael in the process. Linc and Michael have decided to take the keys and escape, figuring at least they'll go down fighting. In Kansas T-Bag assaults and presumably kills a veteran and steals his prosthetic hand.

After being in development for several months, Fox announced in January that it had ordered a limited event series that would serve as a continuation to the original series. In order to locate his ex-girlfriend Susan Hollander who turned him into the authorities, T-Bag lies and convinces the post officer worker to give him Susan's address.

Michael races against the clock to rescue Linc and beat Mahone at his own game. Sara is face-down in the bathtub as Kellerman prepares to dispose of her body. Michael and Linc hear the tape on the memory stick that was in Gov. Caroline calls Kellerman and he tells that he is heading to Chicago by train, and she promises his life back, inclusive the chief of staff position. Michael goes to Brewster Towing yard to recover his car.

Michael's plan has hit a snag when the home owner's daughter, a cop, arrives. Mahone calls Kim to fly over immediately. It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.