Many Minds Many Masters

The therapist whose point of view the book is told from then hypnotizes her to find the source of her phobias, and the woman starts telling him accurate details about her past lives! The cover and the synopsis of the book did not attract me then and it was thus lying on my shelf all this time. She could be a person made up. Can you actually give an example? After each regression, the doctor observes Catherine's outlook brightening.

This does not mean to deny your own experiences and that which you have empirically learned through the years. Play a Beatles album if you want to listen to such drivel in a more entertaining format.

Many Lives Many Masters Summary & Study Guide

For Buddhists in general, a belief in karma and reincarnation is shared with Hindus. The phenomena, which Catherine details after a past life has ended, compels Weiss to pursue the in-between lives state. Now I have no doubt that Dr. It kept me up late two nights in a row! Not only are Catherine's hypnotic regressions curing her, but Weiss is forced to question his years of traditional training.

Many Lives Many Masters Summary & Study Guide

People have been telling stories ever since we could talk. Dr Weiss made no attempts to verify the astounding claims made by his patient, Catherine. Let me first tell you what caused me to overcome my inhibition. But then he met a year old patient, Catherine, who came to his office seeking help for her anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias.

Humans have not learned to do that. It will not appeal to those who are not open-minded or who are not ready to receive and soak up this book. Historical lore is replete with examples.

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As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Perhaps their intense togetherness Dr. Surely it would have been easy for him to identify whether the words spoken by Catherine were Gaelic or not, and if he could not, to explain precisely why.

They have had many bodies and many personalities but only one enduring soul, only one continuous spiritual essence. Weiss advocates hypnotic regression as therapy, music on pc claiming that many phobias and ailments are rooted in past-life experiences whose acknowledgement by the patient can have a curative effect.

Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian WeissSee a Problem

Maybe Dr Weiss could claim that most writers who write about reincarnation, but surely not most writers generally? Of course, Dr Weiss accepts this without question. Burned out New Age Hippies.

Many Lives Many Masters

Throughout the book, Catherine never states and is never asked for a surname. And then, as soon as the session ends, you immediately feel the need to inform the readers that you find that ape-shit baloney completely believable, even though you are the oh-so-scientific! With love comes understanding.

Don't mistake that it is powerless and forgotten the present. This is simply not good enough. When the intuition rings clear and true, loving impulses are favored.

Weiss is a brilliant and accomplished psychiatrist. In the book, Dr Weiss makes several references for the need to explore everything in a scientific manner and with objectivity, but nowhere did he do this. It means ending dependency on any person or thing.

A Review of the Book Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

The book is a narration by noted psychiatrist- Dr. His questions were leading and he seemed more curious about whether he was there in her past life than anything else. And yet, as I write this scathing review, I feel that something is not quite right. We all have abilities far beyond what we use. The blind do not see things in their dreams.

Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career. It was always there, it'll always be there.

But Catherine revealed much more. The fact that he chose not to has, I believe, discredited his book as a work of fairy tale-like fiction.

Weiss a good psychiatrist? One of the most thought provoking books I have read. Weiss just sold Eastern thought as some heavenly messages to his Western audiences. This hardly seems the work of a true scientist.

Many Lives Many Masters

One incarnation involves a drowning. It gives credence to the ideologies of Reincarnation and makes one feel more peaceful about our purpose on earth and our life after death. Perhaps the people around her were talking Welsh or English, but not British.

It sees everything from a distance and if doesn't want to disclose any particular event- it will not. Weiss taps into Catherine's past lives through hypnosis.

On absorbing the information that they bring to us, it becomes easier- as i felt- to work around many a demons that haunt and nag us through our daily existence. His and Catherine's experiences about past lives are truly fascinating, and no matter how you feel about reincarnation, the lessons from the Masters about how to live are quite universal. Weiss Many Lives Many Masters. The Masters reflect a wisdom beyond Catherine's experience and nature.