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All of these properties at Machinarium made the developers release it for smartphones. Machinarium Walkthrough by.

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Machinarium PC Game Free Download

It should now be on the very bottom of the control panel. It should now be at the upper right corner of the panel. Once the arrows are in their correct positions, pull the lever on the left and the magnet will lift up one of the crates. Head left from there and continue on until you find the key.

Machinarium Walkthrough

All of the environments are hand-drown. After being able to move without any problem, Go to the next level.

In a bleak and seemingly mechanized world, a garbage hauler leaves the castle located off in the distance. The levers should now be in the correct positions and another lever should have popped into view. Use the hook to retrieve another red wrench and return to the pipes. The guard, thinking the robot is one of them, will be fooled by the disguise and will agree to lower the drawbridge. As the robot nears the entrance, however, it slips on the oil slick and falls to the ground below.

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Capture some drips of oil using the lamp and then give it to the old robot. You will have to make sure to put the missing piece in the upper left corner in order to solve the puzzle. Watch as it swings the hook through the top of the pole and lowers it into the tar pit to retrieve its arm. Pick up the sledgehammer near the right side of the pipe and use it to smash the porthole that contains the key. Walk over to the pole at the end of the path and click on it to have the robot bend it slightly and use the hook on the pole.

Climb on top of the sweeper and grab the scissors from the shelf after stretching out the robot. If at any time you make a mistake, press the red button on the right to reset the puzzle. Grab the coin from the basket on the side of the machine and then walk back over to the generator. Walk over to the drawer under where the large wrench is sleeping and flip through the pages of the book until you uncover a red wrench.

Machinarium Walkthrough

Take it and then walk over to the pipes. Tie one end of the chandelier to the sweeper and the other to the toilet. Walk down to the track and place the wedge on the bottom part of it. Walk to the far right side of the room and grab the key hanging near the door.

Walk over to the lamp post and open the control panel near its base. Everything the robot picks up is stored inside it and can be seen at the top of the screen.

Look at the note behind where it was sitting and set the clock according to the note to cause the robot to come down from the balcony in the opposite building. Walk over to the door on the left wall and check out the control panel.

Use the key to open the lockbox on the right wall and grab the can of freezing spray. For escaping from this ruin, You have to solve many puzzles. It should now be on the very top of the control panel. It should now be on the right side of the control panel. Pick up the five bolts and then leave the bar.

Machinarium (Full Version)

Walk back up the stairs and pump the handle up and down until you see the oil coming out of the spigot. Leave the building through the door near the telescope after pressing the switch near it. If you look at them deeply, Beautiful Details would be shown. As the drummer beats on the oil can, a female robot will poke its head out from the window above and throw down an empty flower pot.

To retrieve it, take the magnet nearby and the wire from the spool. Players have to spend some hours to solve even one of them!

Machinarium PC Game Overview

If you really want to challenge your mind, Try Machinarium. But there are puzzles with lower difficulty those make the game more enjoyable. Developers have worked on this game about two years. On the far end of the room is a power generator, bridal mehndi books and you need to hop on and do some pedaling to power up each of the game machines. Put the wrenches in the following locations to stop the water from flowing.

Grab the key and then return to the elevator. Place the sunflower seeds into the hopper of the machine near the door and place the oil lamp under the spigot. Follow the sewers to the right until you see a lone manhole cover in the floor above.

When you click on it, it conveys that it wants a particular type of doll. Return to the gun and unlock the door.

Control will temporarily transfer over to the other robot. The object is to turn all the lights green. Look at the inside of the door to see how everything is supposed to be arranged. Stretch the robot and climb up the pipe to return to where the guard was standing.