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Kousalya (singer)

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Ekkado Putti Ekkado Perigi. Kolli Ramakrishna Copper Nandi with a cash prize of Rs. His introduction was delivered by a comedian and the next lengthiest one was delivered by the lead actress. He opens the lid and finds a secret key underneath.

It is a typical Hollywood kind of break-up story. He has also used realistic scenes and colloquial dialogues.

That is not supposed to be the criteria to make a good movie. Budda Bhoomi, Rudra Bhoomi. Chakravarthi Eenadu, Sitara.

Jamuna Gold Medal with a cash prize of Rs. Jebin slowly realises that his father had precognition skills and concludes that his paintings may predict future events. Nageshwara Rao Gold Medal with M. He then begins to conduct more experiments using a tuning fork within the villa compound. Sasthry Copper Nandi with a cash prize of Rs.

Sri Mullapudi Venktaramana. Thank god for I am still sane and haven't lost it yet! She was mechanical in the role, unlike the spunk she showed in her last release, Oosaravelli. There is no logic in this film. Name of the film abbu Bhale Jabbu.

Sri Nagendra Kumar Vepuri Rs. Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela.

Kousalya (singer)

Venkatesham called on Chief Minister N. His introduction was done by Venu Madhav and another lengthy dialogue was delivered by the heroine. Sakutumba Saparivara Samethanga.

Emaindi Ee Vela Lyrics - Jil Telugu SongsYemaindi Ee Vela

These type of movies spoiling the other film industries in India. Sri Chandra Shekar Yeleti. Sampath Nandi being a first-timer comes up with a commendable script. Paathanagaramlo Pasi Vaadu.

Few of the songs had good choreography and they would please their target audience. Ajmal, the actor who thrilled with his villainy in Rangam, shines in his short role.

Pasipillala Poshakahaaram. Paruchuri Venkateswar Rao. Within a few days time, Jebin's career gets a new break when an established publisher comes forward to buy rights for his first novel Maybe, Maybe Not!

Emaindi Ee Vela Lyrics Jil

Assuming that his father predicted that he would end up killing Aarthi, Jebin sets fire to himself and the villa to prevent him from harming the girl he loves. Good to see along with the movie. For understanding the pulse of Andra people. However, he gets overwhelmed by this unexplained occurrence and tries to sell off the villa.

Kousalya (singer)

Avantika Nisha Aggarwal is also going for her second marriage and meets Yuva Shashank. Sri Veturi Sundarama Murthy. There are a couple of interesting screenplay twists in the second half. Trivikram Srinivas Copper Nandi with a cash prize of Rs.

This article has multiple issues. Cinema Scripts, Rachana Silpam. Sirivennela Sitarama Sasthry. Sri Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao.

On a whole, Yemaindi Ee Vela is a bold attempt, but not good enough! However, movie magic screenwriter 2000 he should start doing versatile characters in movies in stead of sticking to the same dialogue delivery and similar kind of looks. Also the danger posed by the villainous trio is not established properly. Production values are grand.

Its hard to believe that film is directed by sampath Nandi who have made a good movie Emaindi Evela inspired from true events in Hyderabad. Telugu Movie review - Yemaindi Ee Vela.

Story of the film is in an old-format. Another Failed attempt of Ram Charan of making Masala entertainer. Best Lyric Writer evulapalli Krishna Sasty. Tilak Gold Medal with a cash prize of Rs.

Rayala Seema Ramanna Chowdary. One night, an ecstatic Jebin plays the Victorian piano.

Emaindi Ee Vela Lyrics - Jil Telugu Songs

Though the director penned the screenplay in back-and-forth format, the progression of story becomes predictable. The awards were announced here on Friday by a member jury headed by N. Feature Film on National Integration, eligible. Suhasini Copper Nandi with a cash prize of Rs. During the process, the estate agent gets injured in a freak accident by the cast-iron gate, scaring away potential buyers who view this as a bad omen.

Yemaindi Ee Vela Song Lyrics - Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule