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As the raft is hurried toward completion, Jack walks up to Sun Yunjin Kim and confronts her about the poisoning. Her reasoning is flawed, however, for she believes that Kate's idea was hatched for the sole purpose of helping her. He also exclaims that the raft must leave immediately so the forces of nature won't turn against them. He sees no reason to reveal her indiscretion to the others, though, and promises her that he will not do so. Upon learning of this, the afflicted immediately suspects Sawyer, but, in short order, Kate also is suspected, leading Jack to confront her about it.

She denies any involvement, apparently offended that Jack should think her capable of such a thing. Sun admits that she is the one responsible, explaining that she wanted to keep Jin from leaving. Distraught and left with no choice but to flee, Kate climbs out of the car and runs. Kate reluctantly admit the truth that she was the person in the marshal's custody.

Kate flees, knocking out a policeman before running into Tom, who gives her the keys to his car and climbs into it. Later, in a private conversation with Kate, Sun swears not to tell anyone that the drugging was her idea. Angry at his ostensible cheek, Michael kicks him off the raft. When the police try to block their exit from the hospital, Kate implores Tom to leave, but he refuses. Sawyer walks up to the recovering Michael and offers him a bottle of antacid.

Michael refuses, reiterating the fact that all places have already been booked. As the police open fire at the speeding vehicle, Kate rams theirs out of the way before crashing into another. Jack has already reasoned that, with Jin and Michael working in such close proximity, it is easy for them to mix up their water bottles.

This relates to the Oceanic Flight and two of the Numbers. He eventually discovers some partially dissolved drugs in a water bottle from which Michael has been drinking.

Surprised at what he finds there, Jack asks Locke why he failed to tell anyone about it. Michael suddenly becomes ill while working with Jin Daniel Dae Kim. That night, Kate and Sawyer say farewell and make something like amends, while Walt confesses to his father that he is responsible for the fire that destroyed the first raft. Having returned from the hatch, and summoned by an urgent Kate, Jack examines him and searches for the cause of the illness. Michael, surprised, says that they can still stay behind, but Walt insists that they leave.

He explains that he wanted to stay on the island. There follows a brief confrontation between the two leaders, site de rencontre pour israelite after which Jack states his belief that the hatch ought to be opened.

With the car brought finally to a halt, Kate looks over at Tom and finds him dead. Far from appeased, however, her mother begins to scream for help.