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Bruce Weber was an early employee and built many of the mandolins. Lady is building some really good, relatively inexpensive mandolins. Phoenix mandolins are always very light and responsive, you can feel them resonating as you get them out of the case! In mandolins were used for classical music, and the performers dressed in formal wear such as a tuxedo.

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You can even set the reference pitch. This is one of the top of the line Breedlove Masterclass guitars. So, this tuner is a valuable tool for practising at home and also for tuning even in noisy environments yes I consider a gig to be noisy! Anyone know how to safely widen the notch on a bridge to take a heavier string gauge without disturbing the balance of the bridge set up.

This beauty in spruce and flamed maple with a twenty two and three quarters inch scale length has a very strong but controlled bass with fantastic warm and vibrant mids and clear ringing trebles. The pickguard is new as it partially covers up some serious pick wear. Plays well with that classic full and fat tone. They were always numbered this way from the beginning, at least until they were moved from Montana- not sure after this. Has a big booming voice and it plays nicely.

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  • The action is nice and low.
  • This is a tremendous guitar - the sound just rolls out of it.
  • Hi Deborah, I am using a slightly wet microfiber cloth like this the one in the article for basic clean-up of the fretboard.
  • This is a rare Flatiron Custom Shop mandolin.
  • This mandolin is the same one discussed in the Mandolin Cafe posts.

It has the original arrowhead plate tuners that were only used on late and instruments. The action is easy and low. Wood will shrink in exceptionally arid environments. Use a soft cloth such as a diaper and furniture polish, but make sure the polish does not contain any silicone or wax.

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  1. Just set up by my luthier Jerry Ray.
  2. Why a trained ear is a must-have requirement for any musician?
  3. This is a truly outstanding mandolin in excellent condition.
  4. It has one old repaired crack otherwise its in amazing condition with original tuners, bridge, tailpiece and case.
  5. In excellent condition with low action.
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From Acoustic reviewer Steve Bennett. Has the rare unscalloped three tone bar bracing. The condition is overall excellent. Has a round ringing tone with good volume.

The action is fine and the guitar plays nicely. There maybe other reasons for intonation to fail. Body is top bound only in black. Frets are good, neck set is good. One of my favourite Rigels ever is back probably briefly.

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However, thye have made other instruments over the years, one of which is this beautiful style mandolin. Good strong bluegrass sound with a woody chop. Comes with a new Calton hard shell case. The tuners, bridge, difference between casual tailpiece and cover are all correct.

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You will find the tuner to be very versatile, as it can be set for standard tuning, all notes, common alternate tunings, including F, Bb, Eb. Original clean hardshell case included. There is some picking wear evident on the mandolin. Take special care when transporting the instrument, especially in extreme temperatures.

Has a sunburst top, chocolate brown stained maple back and sides, soccer dating sites and a checkerboard pattern soundhole rosette. Its been played well for that reason. Has most of the original yellow brown finish with the Hawaiian scene silkscreened on the back. Luthier Richie Dotson just went through and set up the mandolin and fitted it with a new Dotson bridge.

Back then, when your instrument needed work, you sent it back to the factory. Excellent minus condition, Sheraton Brown top finish with dark back and sides. It has the original tuners and buttons, tailpiece and cover, one-piece maple back and case with new handle. If you are not using the instrument on a routine basis, then the tension should be brought down about three half tones.

Kevin Coffey Flatiron had their own serial system before Gibson bought them. The body finish is original. Neck is straight and the frets are in good shape. Finish footprint from an armrest. In excellent condition with a few surface marks.

The more you dig in, the more the guitar gives back. Another stunning mandolin from Tom. Big Martin sound, neck is straight, good neck set, frets are fine. The neck has just been reset by local luthier Richie Dotson so the action is nice and low with a nice tall saddle that can be lowered if desired.

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Sound is rich and full, with the pop you are looking for in a oval hole. Has the expected finish checking, pickwear, free and the usual nicks and dings of a well loved and much played guitar. Anybody know the different models made back then? The peghead is inlaid with a beautifully inlaid unicorn.

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Good action and playability as the neck was just reset by Richie Dotson. Anything you see in the pictures that looks like a blemish is a reflection. Nice woody sound from this mandolin with good bass.

Quite a history with Flatiron. Big sound and a very scarce guitar. Able to go from a trebled high-end attack to a searing, gain-laden assault, this pedal is perfect for thrash, speed, or death metal. Never place your mandolin upright against the back of chairs as mishaps can occur. It helps to wipe the strings regularly with a bit of oil so that it is easier to slide up or down the strings when playing.

Perfect for ragtime and fingerstyle playing. They to ugly to get their own dates? The D truly represents the culmination of the guitar making art.

It plays easily and sounds wonderful, rich and full with remarkable bass, warm mids and clear trebles. The nice thing is you get the best of both eras - the slightly wider neck of the non-truss rodded instrument, but with all of the Loar era improvments. Nice low action and, as you would expect, a great big huge voice. Lots of buckle wear on the back. Trades gladly considered on this fine American made instrument.

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Help dating my flatirons Whatsa matta? The Bitterroot range represent great value from Weber and always have a very sweet and mellow tone, not Ideal for bluegrass but perfect for everything else. Includes Weber hard shell case.

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