Can you hook up a us cellular phone to straight talk, u.s. cellular

It is currently on a Consumer Cellular plan. Whichever answering machine is set up to answer calls on the fewest number of rings will take the message. Im on a us cellular contract and i was wondering can i unlock my phone and switch to straight talk? We will send you an email when this product becomes available. What would you like to do?

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Could you please help so I can figure out what i need to do to get the phone working. Ready to shop for the hottest devices? Hi Emily, I looked into this but I did not see a way to do it on line.

Where can I use the Home Phone? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Just like our mobile phone plans, U.

Connect a Telephone Device to the Device. Please help and Thank You in advance! You should be able to get them to delete the phone from their account. Things we want you to know.

When you call that is the first thing they want! How are you trying to activate it? Based on your email address, I did want to ask if you live in a rural area. Others claim when there is network congestion, the prepaid networks have preformance issues first.

Using Your iPhone 5s iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 with Straight Talk Wireless

It contains a step by step instructions and a video to walk you through the process. Your email address will not be published. For assistance, dial from your U. If so, when you log into this account does it show your phone as active?

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If I could avoid calling those people again I would love it. Executive resolution may be able to help. Depends if your contract was extended or your husbands was.

U.S. Cellular

Which Straight Talk network are you currently using? Decide which Straight Talk network you want to use. My residence only picks up verison in my community.

Hi Cody, Take a look at the article again, and the one I linked to in the red box at the top of the page. Alright I bought the wrong card then. The number of personal use calls to these unique destination numbers is not limited and automatically resets when the Account is renewed. This is a limitation that Verizon places on prepaid customers. Take advantage of our Unlimited with Payback.

Neither TracFone Wireless, Inc. Is the web site asking you for both the sim serial number and the phones meid? Cellular Home Phone device. Morbi eu orci nec enim fermentum elementum. Can I put straight talk minutes on my current us cellular prepaid phone?

Understanding Straight Talk

Connect the Device to a Power Supply. Checkout Unlimited Data with Payback. New address must be within network coverage. Literally saved my teacher from just giving up and returning the iPhone back to her workplace she bought it from them.

Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Base Station

Prepaid Customers

You were originally a Verizon customer before trying to move to Straight Talk correct? Do you know if att has coverage in your area? Your grandson will need to make sure the phone is unlocked. Hi Michele, iphone 5c Take a second look at the article again.

Cellular network using a corded or cordless telephone. Cellular Smartphone from ebay that was advertised as unlocked and ready for Straight Talk. Cellular home network coverage area. Straight Talk does not provide a list of reasons why some phones are eligible and others are not. Get all the data you need without hidden fees on our best cell phone plans yet.

Connecting a Motorola electrify phone to straight talk? To find out if your phone is compatible, check the serial number on straighttalk. Yes you can switch it to straighth talk. You simply need to activate the sim and put it in your phone. Supposedly they initially used both networks for these phone but then eliminated the T-Mobile option.

It is not a recurring charge and will not be included as part of your total due today at checkout. Install the Antenna Properly. Pre-order this item today and we'll ship it as soon as it's available. What you are really checking is to see if your specific phone is eligible for use on their Sprint network. If you are a Verizon customer and want to switch to Straight Talk then no.

Product Comparison
Straight Talk Wireless
Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Base Station

Press unlock phone and follow the prompts on screen as you just need to click next or continue. Talk, text and all the data you need with no contract, no credit check or overages. Add More High-Speed Internet. Observe the Network on the top left corner.

Prepaid No Contract Cell Phone Plans


To take advantage of these plans you can start over with prepaid. Have you ever tried to activate one online. If the sim is already activated, will I need to do anything else?

  1. Product is not for resale or distribution.
  2. Sometimes the straighttalk.
  3. Was it the information you were looking for?

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In order for you to use a Straight Talk Sim card yo your mobile phone. If so, will I be charged for using us cellular phone number? Hi Melissa, Your phone will work with the Att network. In the next step, you will have the option to bundle your Phone with one of our no-contract plans. And while you may have had a problem with it, I have used Straight Talk with numerous iPhones and accounts and can confirm that their voicemail does provide work.

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  • Yes, this device has an internal backup battery.
  • Melissa, That was the one of the main points of my article.
  • You already have an upgrade phone in cart.
  • You can also pay the Early Termination Fee and switch.

Wait for few seconds or a minute or two as it will unlock the phone. Postpaid Plans Which is best for me? Read the article I linked to in the big red box at the top of this article. What calling features are available with U. He can find the details here.

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