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In a fit of stubbornness, the Omnitrix transforms Ben into Grey Matter and leaves him stuck in that form for longer than normal. However, Ben finally comes face-to-face with the Forever Knight when he steals a valuable sword from the museum and starts a chase across the rooftops. Ben then learns that Gwen's captor is her own thirty-year-old future self, and a master sorceress to boot. It just so happens Ben and Gwen are visiting Planetary Studios at the time, so he tries to confront the producer about it. Ben tries to do a skateboard stunt using Upgrade, however he crashes to the ground.

The shorts are narrated by the character Azmuth, who has yet to appear in the series proper. Max regresses into a ten-year-old while Ben becomes a four-year-old. It was originally intended to be the series finale. After his meeting with Vilgax, Ben continues to transform rapidly without stopping or being able to revert to human.

Elsewhere, Kevin has assumed control of the Megacruiser, and he locates and revives Vilgax, who realizes the nature of Kevin's mutation and decides that he may be of use. Vilgax sends three bounty hunters to get the Omnitrix, but they have a tough time doing so. Ben is attacked by the Yenaldooshi and is beginning to turn into a werewolf - or is he? But when one of Vilgax's remaining drones attacks and captures Max, Ben and Xylene reluctantly team up to save him, with Xylene unlocking Upchuck to defeat the drone.

Meanwhile, Vil, who seems to be the same species as Gax, lands nearby. He vows that the Tennysons will pay with their lives. In front of a biggie box in Japan, Ben waits in an eternally long line for the release of Cyber Slammers, the brand new Sumo Slammers video game. Overflow blasts Grandpa Max off a slide and in the ocean.

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Ben defeats the sludge alien as Cannonbolt but finds the groom's parents pointing rifles at him soon after. Ben uses Four Arms to win a jumping contest. Vigma makes Ben and Kevin a team, bonding them with shackles that transfer pain from one to the other, so they battle another captive, Technorg. But when the sinister sorcerer Hex arrives, he casts a spell that causes everyone to interpret what he says as a lie, turning Hex into a hero, planning on creating the Golem of Ayasha. Ben and Gwen decide to race against the speed-obsessed French racer LaGrange when he crashes a race.

Ben and Gwen don't want to listen to Grandpa Max's music. While inside the Omnitrix, Ben and Vilgax must work together if they are to close the gateway, but once the Fulmini leader - the High Override - appears, even that might not be enough.

Do you want the Original Series back with new episodes? Fortunately, Ben is on the Rustbucket and the carjackers end up messing with Four Arms. Overflow shows off at a national park, iec 61892 7 only to get hit by an orca.

Ben 10 (Reboot)/Episodes

Thirty two years later in an alternate future, Ben's son Kenny is celebrating his tenth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Ben gives him an Omnitrix of his very own. While Grandpa Max tries desperately to track down the Rust Bucket, the Road Crew give it a makeover for use in their plans.

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Ben prevents a powerful sorcerer named Hex from stealing the Arkamada Book of Spells. Ben turns into Diamondhead, but even for him it proves hard to fend off the thieves and protect the eggs from breakage. As Gwen tries to get Ben out, lightning hits the van and zaps them both into the game. When Eddie, Ben, and Gwen enter the Undersea Manta Ray, a giant submarine, they encounter strange aliens that threaten to destroy the whole resort.

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Our new domain name is theWatchCartoonOnline. Animo, our hero must thwart the dastardly doctor. Ben and Gwen's backseat bickering escalates into an all-out brawl between Ben's Omnitrix and Gwen's magic. When Ben puts out a fire as Wildvine, a trio of rival alien chiefs, focusing on unique culinary styles, decide to eat him for lunch, hunting him down. Michael Allred and Steven T.

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Animo escapes from prison and, during a battle with Ben, finds the broken piece of the Omnitrix. Charmcaster tricks Gwen into trusting her so that she could easily take the Keystone and give it to Hex. Ben returns home after the summer vacation ends and is told by Max that he must keep the Omnitrix a secret. The trio attend a wedding between a Tennyson and an alien.

When the Rust Bucket runs out of gas on a foggy East Coast road, Ben, Gwen and Max are forced to stay at a hotel being menaced by Creepy Carl, a local folklore expert, but nothing is what it seems. Regular Capital Press release. The Tennysons visit Fort Knox, but Ben ends up fighting a monster. Gwen offers Ben to go Upgrade and change it but Ben breaks the radio. Ben catches a cold, which turns out to have interesting side effects on his aliens when he battles a bug villain named Clancy.

Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max stop in the middle of the Midwest. This will be the th episode of the series overall. Ben uses Four Arms to send shockwaves to the robot, eventually destroying him. Max's Plumber equipment detects that an ancient mask had been unearthed in Texas. Ben gets a rare Sumo Slammer card in the historical village Oldeville, but Billy Billions wants that card, too, so he steals and controls the Rustbucket until Ben gives it back.

The two of them find it digging for a strange stone, but it attacks them as soon as they see it. Animo, now using a bat-based monster with sonic screams.

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In the heart of Silicon Valley, Ben has to stop Victorian villain, Steam Smythe, from getting an incredible power source sealed in a Tesla time capsule. Each short shows Ben transforming into an alien usually more than once and doing things his own way. However, Charmcaster manages to swap their bodies once more, ending with Charmcaster in her true body while Gwen and Ben have switched. These videos shows aliens Ben can transform into, their home planets, and culture. Ben unlocks a new alien, Ditto!

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First episode to have Max absent from it. Ben is being impulsive as no one will play with him, until he is confronted by Animo's seagull. Afterwards, Ben begins transforming into a werewolf himself, presumably an effect of the bite. Grandpa Max's alien friend Xylene returns to Earth to give him the Omnitrix and Ben unlocks a brand new alien.