Astrology dating someone with the same birthday, astrology dating with same birthday

He responds with a rejection. And glam- tons of books about Marilyn lately. What else does one need in a partner? To cultivate passion, you'll have to venture out of your comfort zone. Our personalities are like night and day.

If you follow astrology at all, you probably know that Mercury is retrograde right now. Have a question about astrology or life? It really just proves the depth to astrology even futher, that sometimes certain things in your chart may be stronger than others. Dating someone who thinks, speaks, and expresses themselves in their own way might be one of the best parts of dating.

Aquarians are very open-minded, and can tolerate or even enjoy! If he sleep thats mean he wake me up. Never has it been sexual and very few guys around that time I have known well or been attracted to at all, but I can say this of most Scorpios tbh.

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Same birthday same year
  • Covert is taboo but delicious!
  • We will see where it goes.
  • My first boyfriend was born same hospital several hours apart!
  • And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous.
  • Two Virgos can be a match made in heaven.

In college I had mates born just before and just after so we would have combined cocktail parties for our birthdays. Forget the birthdays, bring on that napalm! New guy at work has my same birthday, senior dating five years later.

What It Means If You & Your S.O. Have The Same Birthday

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Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin
  1. If anything, the time spent working with him helped me realize how annoying Virgos can be.
  2. Too early to judge the whole thing yet has any longterm prospects, but it was fun.
  3. We seem to be in sync with everything.

Similar to you, there was no chemistry. In fact, there may be too much unpredictability in this match. Posted by laurathealien Yeah its true. My boyfriend and I born on the same year, day and time.

We have the same sort of energy. That said, having different placements is not necessarily a bad thing. Trust is the crucial ingredient that makes this match work. Claiming he couldn't read my messages, they were blank and he couldn't figure out how I got him email. Plant a garden or do yoga together and you'll bring out the best in each other.

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It simply implies that you and your partner didn't instantly connect on every astrological level. Not to mention the relationships they get into activates the synastry and the davison charts which would influence the influence of the transits! Terrific, wierd sense of humor, very intelligent, and fab in bed. Home Page Other Articles on this subject.

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It's essential to share your deepest feelings in this union, but don't bonk the other person over the head with them, or you'll spur resentment. My fiance and i are both leos. Passions run high, which is great for sex, but take care you don't say or do something in the heat of a fight that fatally damages the relationship.

My Venus exactly conjunct his exact Sun-Mars conjunction. But he was born in the morning. Your Moon is in Gemini, just hook up mobile whereas his is in Leo.

This was definitely special to me and he was surprised as well. Former room mates Scopio couple who made no noise what so ever, no conversation, music, tv, pots and pans clanging etc but were happy as clams. It adds a layer of interest! Darling Lex, it has been a long time between drinks. If one or both partners are suspicious or jealous, you're in for a rocky ride.

Same birthday same year

My best friend and I, have the same chart. How often does this happen? Ironically, each one desires harmony, and will, at times, either let resentment fester rather than argue, or pick at every nagging detail. Just wanna share with you all about my experience.

We've been hooking up and it seems like it will be continuing on that path. True we do have some similar personality but most of them are not. Man we did some crazy wonderful things together.

Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin

Same birthday same year

And I met her again on a trip. You're both hot-headed, want your way, and tend to blame the other person when things go wrong. Mercury retrograde is coming soon.

Same Birthday Synergy Attraction

So happy you are enjoying your subscription! We are both very sensual beings. Same month, yr and a bit under a day apart. Interesting bunch of people.

Stellar twins can be helpful to each other in determining their life paths. We are both anxious worriers but we are also I think kind at heart and a bit sensitive. Okay, this is an interesting question. Hope you are shooting the breeze and getting it on in your inimicable way.

Mutual respect is the key to this union. Spend your morning getting organized and get ready to chill. One in particular almost gave me a nervous breakdown just from talking to him at a party for half an hour. Do you both share a similar destiny?

Not a lame male at all, just a bit different. Get a third party to handle your finances. Quizzes Love Oracle Personality Tests. We are still friendly though. Sports and sensual enjoyment can keep you together.

Same Birthday Synergy Attraction

He answered my ad on a dating site. Anyone else have experience or an opinion about dating your astro-twin? However this tendency is shown my chart and another person may take a lot of comfort being paired with someone very much like themselves.


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His birth in Europe and mine in Oz I guess meant for varying degrees of planetoid difference. How does this work astrologically? That right there is the best barometer. Lots of similarities between us but so far so good!

We like smart people with whom we can have great repartee, someone humorous with great wit. Posted by laurathealien Have you ever been with anyone with the same day as well as year of birth as you? Our dates often last with us just talking for days and we were pretty much instantly comfortable with each other. Oh yes I have this with Caps born in the same week. Still, sleeping together but when I talk to him I try to search for some of the same instincts that I may have.

Astrology dating with same birthday

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