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Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and Actions. Study Strategy With so much to cover you need to know what, when and how to study. Tafirenyika Masvore - Midrand, South Africa.

That entirely transformed my approach. Sincerely appreciate on your best effort to teach us. Compare our Packages Basic.

Honestly, I just did whatever you told me to do. Corporate Debt Securities. Pricing of Risk and Computation of Expected Return. One month into my study I became discouraged by the lack of progress and the realization that, in spite of putting in a lot of time and effort, I could not make head or tail of many topics. In writing this testimonial I am not trying to brag.

It was very time consuming using the Curriculum. The Dividend Discount Model. What our Customers Have to Say. Finally, for the last one month I worked out more and more questions from other sources as well.

You will get detailed video lectures and the lecture slides. Point and Interval Estimates of the Population Mean. Putting it all together and I don't have the traditional time available to study like I did back in my full time student days. Includes worked examples to help you retain.

The level of detail the Curriculum goes through is just staggering. Study Notes Detailed study notes for all levels which cover all the learning outcomes. Although the videos seemed long at first, I was amazed how quickly I completed a chapter as compared to self-study. He is both careful and precise with his explanations. Sincerely thanking you to made this a smooth ride for me.

He really explains concepts well. The items which are not ready will be available as shown on this schedule. Index Definition and Calculations of Value and Returns. Determining the Tax Base of Assets and Liabilities. Restrictions and Agreements.

Notions that up to that point had been obscure and confused became accessible and easy to grasp. Free advice on how to study Ethics. Benefits of Securitization for Economies and Financial Markets. Materials are downloadable.

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Level 2 Videos - Arif Irfanullah

Level 2 Videos - Arif Irfanullah

Students love the way Arif Irfanullah explains concepts. Arif Irfanullah is an excellent instructor! More importantly it seemed as though Arif knew exactly what words to use, what examples to give, how to build my confidence and, with that, my understanding of each Study Session. Irfanullah, I just wanted to send you a quick message that I very much appreciated your video lectures, fitness powerpoint templates including your crash course which I did in May.

Conventions for Quotes and Calculations. Applications and Processes.

Arif Irfanullah Videos

He has an enthusiasm for teaching. Portfolio Expected Return and Variance of Return. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Equilibrium.

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We help students develop a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts via active learning and worked examples. Leverage and Coverage Ratios. We never skipped a learning objective. Recognition and Measurement of Current and Deferred Tax. He was very receptive and keen to address my problems whenever I had any.

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Risk and Return Characteristics of Equity Securities. Detailed solutions and a bonus formulas sheet are included. Practice, practice, practice! You will get detailed Study Notes covering all learning outcomes. He real cares about helping students learn.

Test and review your concepts with the question bank and quizzes. This is your key to success. Start your free trial to see for yourself. Components and Format of the Cash Flow Statement.