Api Rp 2a

Api rp 2a

Telecommunications Standards. Visit FileOpen to see the full list. Standards Australia International, Ltd. Critical elements are those whose sole failure could be catastrophic.

Please enter your email address. Aerospace Industries Association. In no case is any specific recommendation included which could not be accomplished by presently available techniques and equipment.

Api rp 2a

Synapse Information Resources, Inc. In those areas where the committee felt that adequate data were available. American Industrial Hygiene Assn. Therefore, only the joint can load check is required for temporary conditions such as loadout, transport, lift, and launch.

World Scientific Publishing Co. Non-perpendicular wind forces are addressed as follows. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd.

Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. Are wind approach angles that are not perpendicular to these faces considered in this section?

Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. Manage society memberships. The platform may be assessed using lower criteria.

Medical Plants and Extracts. This platform does not have any piles through the main four legs. Should this platform be considered as an eight-legged platform or a fourlegged platform? Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc. Telecommunications Industry Association.

Api rp 2a

Currency display settings. Where anything shallow than feet, connections will be deemed inspectable and anything deeper than feet will be taken as not-inspectable?

This is consistent with tearing at the saddle, rather than T-squared shell bending, as the failure mode. International Organization for Standardization. Offshore technology is growing rapidly. Deutsches Institut fur Normung E.

This standard shall become effective on the date printed on the cover but may be used voluntarily from the date of distribution. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. Item is contained in these product bundles. Codes and Standards Training, the namesake book Inc.

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Trans Tech Publications Inc. View Full Details and Buy. Please see the attached figure which shows the platform has four main jacket legs. It is hoped that the general statements contained herein will gradually be replaced by detailed recommendations.

Prices subject to change without notice. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.

The confusion may be caused by different approaches taken by different standards. International Electrotechnical Commission. It should be kept in mind that a maximum base shear.

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The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users as to those parts of this publication that have been changed from the previous edition. The locations of changes have been marked with a bar in the margin, as shown to the left of this paragraph.

Api rp 2a

There is no general statement concerning the worldwide geographic locations that are likely to experience waves and currents in opposite directions. Is there a known reason for the difference between codes? Multiply the area of the flat projected face times the component direction cosine perpendicular to it and apply the full wind pressure to that reduced area in the component direction. Consideration is given in all cases to the safety of personnel, compliance with existing regulations, and antipollution of water bodies. Metric conversions of customary English units are provided throughout the text of this publication in parentheses, e.

Depending on the nature of the data, analyzing both cases may or may not be necessary. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. If the platform is located outside of the U. Portions of this publication have been changed from the previous edition.