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The current release contains mainly minor bug fixes and improves usability. Do you ever intend to add sound Summeli?

Wht version of qt you are using? Or just use some framerate options to slow down the gameplay?

AntSnes - SNES - RetrosGames

And separate keymaps for every game? What you think about that? It will be fixed in the next version.

Can you tell me what games are running too fast, so I could test it? However, the menu is upsidedown. The only way to connect qwerty from my pc. Could you make some emulation speed options because some games runs faster than normal and it will be good somehow to slow down the emulation speed?

Really cool, got it working on satio. The blit is really slow in symbian.

AntSnes v. final release for S60 5th edition

Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulators

The Qt version is consuming a bit more memory, so maybe you should close some applications from the background. Oh, someone really liked that? Only problem apart from game bugs is that the directional buttons are swapped on landscape mode they work right on N-Gage and portrait modes. What mobile are you using to run this version?

There is two different graphic modes, the n-gage mode and portrait. The above is an example, and may need to be adapter for some games. The audio might sound a bit glitchy at the moment, though, due to some optimizations. Both phones are now suffering from tearing efects.

The portrait mode is the default. By the way, is there any chance of disabling the right softkey that makes the emulator exit straight away? The next version will be faster.

Start key config to configure keys. Today i had tried playing on tv out. Give me your mail or send me mail and i ask on that adress and i send screnshots with big pleasure. It works really well on my phones, and it seems to work really well on others too. Will there be future development to be able to configure the controls for full touchscreen devices.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It runs very smooth besides the problems listed above.

There is a bug somewhere in my port, and I have to find it to fix the sound. Will there be a updated opengl version? The alternative method is to hack your phone! Notify me of new posts by email. The multimediakeys are not supported in the key config, but you can use any normal keys in here.

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The speed issue should be easy to fix. Anybody can run Mickey Mania? After getting the symbian certified, I had to change my date on the satio to get it to installed, just moved my mobiles date back a few months and it installed ok. Hi, great to hear about the update will it include opengles for supported devices?

AntSnes v. final release for S60 5th edition

Also, when I press the menu button, theirs a slight pause or lag. Did you think about to put multiple keymaps, I mean one button to proceed two actions, that would be useful in some games? That is the only thing that is keeping me from playing the games.

The orientation modification takes effect, when AntSnes is started next time a restart required. Hi, this emulator is great, igi 1 cheats for pc good work.

AntSnes Release 0.3