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Recognizes handwritten documents well. So, I easily recognize the texts typed by different, even outlandish fonts, and the technology of adaptive recognition helps to work with the whole document, and not its separate pages. Maybe the price is a bit high, but it's a combine and we get great software for that money.

Abbyy FineReader support for almost all languages is impressive. To be honest, watch the simpsons for without ing I have no gripes with Abbyy. With FineReader there is no need to manually type huge scanned pieces of text - everything is now done almost automatically.

In addition, the formatting is often broken during the translation. Reading some parts of the text sometimes becomes problematic.

What do you need to know about free software? Most of all I like that the program contains many useful features. After working with the document, you can convert it to another format.

Now we can do our work on the go, and send it direct via email or save to the cloud. The program recognizes English text well, but works worse with other languages. Real assistance in the preparation of documents. Most of the documents are English but some have more languages. Works offline, and can do the job in batches hassle-free.

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The program often changes words, allows stupid blots and so on. Manually, of course, we do not do this, but use FineReader.

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It's best you avoid to much formatting. Advertisements or commercial links. It even mimics the original scanned document in terms of the page layout and text sizes. Text recognition software. Read the End-User License Agreement.

So if it accidentally marked an area as a table, you can easy mark it as picture and it will regenerate the output. All, we choose the necessary and the task can be considered fulfilled.

Typing is after all a monotonous job. Unique file comparison tool. It is very good for creating new documents from multiple files, which can be imported in one project then exported to a new file. You can't do without mistakes - it is advisable to reread the resulting text at least once.

And I would also like to have a free trial version in full format. Flaming or offending other users.

FineReader is helping me out with text recognition. With their recognition, FineReader does an excellent job. Document Management Software. Software works even under difficult conditions. Amazed with this software which I wonder should have known earlier for my typing needs for my internet cafe.

It allows to import directly to Microsoft word for text editing. Often, customers come to us with printed papers asking for reproducing the same with a bit of editing. The second minus is no function for printing documents.

But overall, this is probably the best program with such wide functionality. Powerful document conversion tool. It is necessary to re-document the document in order not to send a file with inaccuracies. Functional application for document recognition.

Converting to other formats is useful, especially with apps that do text to speech. The program consumes a lot of resources. Summary This product sucks!

And all this happened with the help of Fine Reader professional versions. Sometimes I have to work with various electronic documents.

It beautifully recognizes tables, graphics, creates multi-page documents. It is possible to convert documents from one format to another. Grab your stuff while you still can. Handwriting recognition could improve.

ABBYY FineReader
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They run a medical facility, and receive much documentation in paper. Good option for document recognition. In general, I like everything.

Upgrade from older version. Request for volume licensing Request for deployment trial. The result might be sometimes rather unclean requiring a lot of additional work, but that is mostly due to very messy source files. Can only save one page at a time. There are failures in the recognition of tables and various characters.