34 Bubblegums And Candies

Hearty hearty congratulations once again. Jus took me a couple of hours to finish this book. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle magniwork generator pdf required.

The one below is a bubblegum in my opinion. Then there are others, spiked with doses of humor that make you laugh and leave you a feel-good sensation. It's like a preeti shenoy consolidated her blog and made a book, not so appealing, Some stories are funny and some are very lame. She is the highest selling woman writer in India. If you are looking for entertainment and crap love stories then you wont like it.

And I desperately wanted them to be right. Reading this book is like eating peanuts, you don't enjoy the test much, but you can't leave it either. Preeti Shenoy is an Indian author.

The book is based entirely on my blog posts. Am thrilled that you are coming out with your first book. Now if I were to take a neutral view then a fe I got this book in a free giveway and though it has its shortcomings I did not regret reading it. Do put a picture in your profile as well. That is exactly how I felt.


You can read more on About Page. Putting your achievement as a goal is not in anyway meant to see this as an end to an endeavour, its only a beginning to many more achievements to come. How I wish you could be here! She is definitely among the good authors although overall analysis would suggest that this may not be her best book. The title of this book is itself a bit dodgy, but to be fair it has its moments of breezy storytelling and crisp flow.

Much appreciate your kind words. Its great to have someone to look up to. It encourages all bloggers also in knowing that blogging is important and can lead to great things!

The funny and touching stories end with notes that encourage the reader to look at the lessons you can learn from some of the simplest things in life. Pick this book up if you are looking for a breezy ride through real life incidents which you can relate to.

It also has its share of humour which is interspersed adequately at appropriate places. Hey All, Wish you all a very happy Christmas. All in all, the book is a candy. Neither Motivational Nor Enjoyable.

34 bubblegums and candies pdf

Many of which are candies and very few are bubblegums. Using the analogy of bubblegums and candies, netdog the title alludes to the various facets of life that go by unnoticed. At the Bubblegums and Candies circle page Seats may be limited as the events are being held at the book store. Life is a bit like bubblegum and candies.

Satish was so very supportive. You read it and you forget about it. Woul love to meet you there. Hey Ps Finally, you broke the news.

It is more a collection of blogs than a set of short stories. This book is so bad that it doesn't deserve to be published at all. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Candifs is far better than I thought.

She has a very popular blog and also writes a weekly column in The Financial Chronicle. Also at many places I felt the author is too kind on her family and friends. One fine morning she thought - since I have many fans dumb people who follow my blog, why don't I come up with a book. But being someone who enjoys such moments to the fullest myself, I could not relate to this part more.

34 BUBBLEGUMS AND CANDIES PDF DOWNLOADReview 34 Bubblegums and Candies by Preeti Shenoy

Creative non fiction is a very innovative genre Preeti Shenoy has picked up for her first book. The author has written many small stories of various incidents of daily life. But I would still say that it is a nice read. Since each story attempts to elicit a different type of response, readers can simply pick and choose the story they wish to read without following the natural order of the stories.

Its just a simple read, may be other readers could connect with more stories than I have connected with or I would say I enjoyed. My first book yes, I am going to be a published author!

You write whatever you have to. This books is a collection of blog-posts. It reminds you of many things that one leaves behind in life. There is so much beauty, so much joy. Catch me seated in the front row, third from your right.

34 Bubblegums and Candies. Behind the scene34 Bubblegums And Candies (2008)

34 Bubblegums And Candies (2008)

34 Bubblegums and Candies